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  • Does The Rush rent bowling lanes, other attractions, or the entire building?
    We are strongly committed to ensuring that our activity pass holders have access to all attractions during their visit. As such, The Rush Funplex does not rent bowling lanes or any other individual attraction. Groups can rent our entire building for exclusive use. Availability is limited. For details, call any location and request to speak to a manager.
  • When is the best time to visit? / When are you busiest?
    Saturdays are by far our busiest day of the week. Guests are encouraged to visit Monday-Thursday, if possible, to avoid longer wait times and bigger crowds. Guests will receive a better value for their activity passes by visiting during our non-peak days. The Rush Funplex does not provide refunds for activity passes. Guests are responsible for the time management and usage of their activity pass.
  • Do you offer public WIFI?
    Unfortunately, we do not have public wifi at our locations. Legally, we cannot allow guests to have access to our secure network. Also, building and managing a separate guest network that could handle hundreds to thousands of devices would be very costly which could affect our pricing.
  • Do you offer birthday packages?
    Guests can reserve a party space here on the website. While party spaces are not required, you will be able to bring a birthday cake with a reserved party space. Additionally, guests with a party space reservation will receive one free $20 arcade card. Activity passes, food/drinks, and arcade credits can be purchased on the day of your event. (Due to staffing shortages, The Rush Funplex cannot provide a personal party host at this time.)
  • Do spectators need to buy a pass? / Do young children need a pass?
    Spectators do NOT need to buy a pass. 🚩All participants must buy a pass regardless of age. Some children may be too young to participate and are considered a spectator (See our FAQ on height and age requirements). If your child plans to participate in any activity, they are considered a participant and would require a pass. Every participant is expected to wear their own wristband.
  • What happens if I lose my wristband?
    Wristbands must be treated as cash. Lost wristbands cannot be replaced. Every participant must wear their own wristband. A Rush Funplex staff member must attach your wristband upon entry. The Rush Funplex is not responsible to replace or refund lost or stolen wristbands.
  • Do you offer any promotions?
    All seasonal promotions are announced on our Facebook pages. In house, we offer a 20 hour punch pass to help save money on multiple visits. The 20 hour punch pass is also great for small groups!! Large groups of 30 or more people can call any location to receive group discount information. On weekdays, we offer a 90 minute unlimited activity pass for only $19. The 90 minute pass is not available on weekends, holidays, or school breaks. The Rush Funplex occasionally hires third party companies to find potential customers for us. We do not promote these campaigns. We rely on the companies we hire to do this.
  • Does The Rush allow outside food or drink?
    The Rush Funplex does not allow outside food or drink. Guests will be asked to remove or surrender outside food or drink. Any guest that ignores this policy may be asked to leave. Guests that have a RESERVED PARTY SPACE may bring a birthday cake.
  • How old do I have to be to work at The Rush?
    Our employees must be 16 years of age or older. See specific location page and click on the Apply button.
  • Do your attractions have height or age requirements?
    Go Kart drivers must be 58" tall and passengers must be 40" tall. This is a firm requirement for the safety of our guests. Drivers that cannot demonstrate an ability to avoid bumping other karts or the side rails will be removed. Kiddie Kart drivers cannot be taller than 54" and cannot weigh more than 90lbs. Drivers must also demonstrate an ability to control the kart or they may be removed. Bumper Car drivers must be 36" tall and 5 years old to drive. Rock wall participants at our Syracuse location must be 16 years old to climb without adult supervision. Youth under 16 must have an adult to participate with no more than 3 youth per 1 adult supervising. Billiards is only available to our guests that are 16 years or older.
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